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Harrie Samaras Becomes a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators

West Chester, Pa. – Harrie Samaras was inducted into the International Academy of Mediators (IAM) as a Distinguished Fellow on October 23, 2015, at her “home town” of Baltimore, Maryland.

The mission of the IAM is to define standards and qualifications for the professional mediator of commercial disputes and to promote the mediation process as the preferred means of resolving disputes. The Academy fosters the highest standards of integrity and competence in the mediation of commercial disputes. Promoting the study and understanding of the mediation process, and educating the public, courts, and legislative bodies on effective and appropriate uses of mediation are at the core of IAM’s mission.

The Academy’s goal is the general acceptance of the concept of mediation as a separate discipline and profession, distinct from other fields. This aspect of the mission achieves recognition of high qualifications and standards for IAM Membership.

Harrie is pleased with the distinction of becoming a Distinguished Fellow of the International Academy of Mediators and looks forward to actively participating in the IAM’s worthwhile endeavors.

The ADR Office of Harrie Samaras specializes in helping parties resolve disputes, both U.S. and international. The ADR services that the firm provides include Arbitration, Mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation, ADR Consulting, and Case Presentation Feedback. More information about the firm can be found at