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Harrie Samaras Appointed to Leadership Role with College of Commercial Arbitrators

West Chester, Pa. – Harrie Samaras has been appointed by the newly elected President of the College of Commercial Arbitrators (CCA), Susan H. Nycum, to serve on the Executive Committee of the College.

Harrie has been serving as a member of the CCA’s Board and will continue in that position until 2021. She will serve on the Executive Committee of the CCA for a one-year term. In that role, she will assist the President and other Officers in all aspects of the business, finance, and policy of the College.

Harrie is honored to serve on the Executive Committee with her esteemed colleagues in the CCA.

The ADR Office of Harrie Samaras specializes in helping parties resolve disputes, both U.S. and international. The ADR services that the firm provides include Arbitration, Mediation, Early Neutral Evaluation, ADR Consulting, and Case Presentation Feedback. More information about the firm can be found at