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Ms. Samaras serves as a mediator and arbitrator in a variety of U.S. and international commercial cases, as well as employment and securities cases. The following are a representative sample of such cases, focusing on disputes involving intellectual property and business/technology:

Mediation  |  Arbitration
  • Mediated (ITC/international) worldwide patent disputes involving thermal insulation materials and products.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) dispute in an ongoing case involving claims of patent infringement, false advertising, and breach of contract. The technology related to a self-dislodging filter element for automotive applications.
  • Mediated (ITC/international) trademark dispute involving trade dress.
  • Mediated (WIPO/international) dispute regarding software license.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent infringement dispute in an ongoing case. The technology relates to the extraction and use of information from audio and video works.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent dispute between companies who make and sell riding lawn mowers.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/international) dispute relating to the breach of an indemnification provision in an animal feed manufacturer agreement.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent infringement dispute in an ongoing case involving financial and payment products for customers.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/international) dispute involving patent infringement, unfair competition and copyright infringement claims involving 2 ongoing cases filed in separate jurisdictions between companies who make and sell column lifts for large vehicles.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) multi-party patent infringement dispute in an ongoing case involving companies that make and sell emergency shelters.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent infringement dispute for an ongoing case involving systems for managing waiting lines.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent infringement dispute between companies involved in the manufacture and sale of emergency equipment involving four parties, multiple patents, an interference, and foreign oppositions.
  • Mediated (domestic) dispute between pharmaceutical company and pharmacist related to a distribution agreement for medical equipment. Claims included various breaches of contract and tort claims.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/international) dispute between pharmaceutical companies over drug to treat ADHD, involving claims of: breach of employment, settlement agreement and patent assignments; tortious interference with contract; slander; unfair competition; and Sherman Act violations. (US$ millions)
  • Mediated (domestic) contract and trade secret dispute between division of global pharmaceutical company and privately held medical device developer/manufacturer related to a medical device product. Mediation included two in-person sessions and intervening phone sessions (ex parte and joint). (US$ millions).
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent infringement case between two U.S. corporations involving cover plates for electrical outlets.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) trademark infringement/unfair competition case involving registered mark between an international motorcycle company and a sponsor of cruise rallies for motorcycle enthusiasts.
  • Mediated (domestic) patent license dispute (and related claims) between two corporations in the immunotherapy field involving patents related to biomedicines for treating autoimmune diseases. Damages in dispute approximated US$10M.
  • Mediated (evaluative) (domestic) dispute regarding the breach of an exclusive distribution agreement relating to pharmaceutical products. Contract damages in dispute approximated US$16M.
  • Mediated (domestic) dispute between two U.S. companies including inventorship, ownership and associated contract issues relating to a development and licensing agreement for an active pharmaceutical ingredient. The mediation continued for 6 days.
  • Mediated (ICDR) breach of technology transfer and development agreement (including patent issues) between international orthopedic products company and medical device developer regarding an orthopedic product. Damages in dispute approximated US$25M.
  • Mediated (ad hoc/international) disputes pending before district and appellate courts involving multiple patents, multiple defenses, business and contract claims, and patent ownership claim between two international companies who develop and commercialize blood analyzers. (US$millions).
  • Mediated (ad hoc/domestic) patent infringement case involving 7 patents and related counterclaims regarding respiratory mask products sold worldwide. The dispute involved a multi-national conglomerate and a European based company specializing in protective equipment.
  • Co-mediated (ad hoc/domestic) a dispute between a Canadian and a U.S. company (also involving an insurance provider), in which trademark, unfair competition and copyright claims, based on the content of an internet website, were asserted.