Neutral  |  ADR

Arbitration is generally a private adversarial process whereby disputing parties agree to have one or more neutrals render a decision or award about their dispute after receiving evidence and hearing argument. Ms. Samaras serves as the sole arbitrator and on three-arbitrator panels in domestic and international arbitrations whether for ADR providers or on an ad hoc basis. She arbitrates commercial cases including those involving intellectual property, breach of contract and employment claims.

For parties in litigation, Ms. Samaras also offers her services as a Special Master, particularly in intellectual property cases.

Mediation is a private, voluntary and informal process in which a neutral assists the parties in reaching a negotiated settlement. Unlike binding arbitration, mediation is not binding unless the parties’ efforts result in a binding agreement. Ms. Samaras mediates and co-mediates commercial disputes, such as those involving intellectual property, breach of contract and business/technology issues, as well as other civil disputes.

Early Neutral Evaluation is a non-binding process typically employed soon after a case is filed whereby an expert, usually an attorney, is asked to provide a balanced and unbiased evaluation of the dispute. The expert identifies each side’s strengths and weaknesses and provides an evaluation of the likely outcome of a trial. This evaluation can assist the parties in assessing their case and possibly settling it. Ms. Samaras has over twenty-five years of experience representing clients in intellectual property litigation as outside and in-house counsel, and extensive experience with early case assessment of cases, making her well suited to provide this service.